Tropical Beaches

Harbour Island is only half a mile wide and three miles long yet has some of the nicest sand beaches with an unbelievable laid back atmosphere. The island has less than 2,000 locals and only a few tourists making it a special choice for a relaxing getaway. This tiny island was once the home of the capital city of the Bahamas, Dunmore Town. Enjoy the Georgian Architecture, stroll through the tiny shops on quaint streets. And of course, lap up the sun on the beautiful pink sand beaches!

Just 18 miles long, Bora Bora is an enchanted tropical island in the French Polynesian chain. Nick-named the Romantic Island, Bora Bora lies in a secluded lagoon and boasts many secluded white sandy beaches. Intimate hotels and the quiet, relaxed South Seas atmosphere add to the feeling of romance. The secluded Matira Beach offers visitors all of that romantic atmosphere with bright turquoise water and brilliant South Seas sunsets!

Cond Nast Traveler have named this gorgeous white sand beach as one of the 12 best beaches in the world. And unlike many of the Caribbean islands, this Aruba and her beaches are geared up for the entertainment of families and kids. At Kibama Miniature Village and Park, kids can explore mini Aruban-style buildings. Adventure Golf in Aruba is billed as the world’s largest mini-golf course. Swimmers, sailors, fishermen… and kids will all find Palm Beach, Aruba as an idyllic family vacation retreat!

Very few have had the opportunity to enjoy the unspoiled, breathtaking beaches of Fernando de Noronha. Only a mere 420 visitors are allowed on the island – off the northeast coast of Brazil – at any time. In 1988, the island was declared a marine national park. Being part of a volcanic archipelago, the island treats visitors to towering rock “sculptures”, pristine waterfalls with natural swimming pools and of course the exquisite white beaches tucked below jagged cliffs and caves.

Dating from as early as 250 A.D., ancient Mayan ruins tower over the beaches. Swimmers and sunbathers can’t help but be swept up in the aura of ancient mystery when they look up from the beach. White sand beaches and crystal blue waters greet visitors to the water paradise!

These are but a minuscule sampling of the wonderful and beautiful tropical beaches awaiting vacationers. To enjoy a number of exotic tropical beaches in one vacation, check out various cruise itineraries. On some Caribbean cruises for example, you could visit four tropical beaches on a seven or eight night cruise!