Benefits of Motor Yacht Charters

The larger the size of the yacht, the more amenities it offers to the passengers. Nevertheless, a typical motor yacht contains self-contained suites for the guest, a pantry and space on the deck from where to look at the sea.

Larger motor yachts carry water-scooters and inflatable rubber boats to make forays into the sea for underwater snorkel diving, water-skiing and fishing expeditions.

It is more convenient to have motor yacht charters with a crew because the handling of the vessel requires expert navigation techniques and mechanics. Besides, a trained staff is also needed to look after the upkeep, cooking and catering.

The most popular yacht to charter is a heavy displacement motor yacht that generally offers a cruising speed of between 10 and 14 knots. In rough conditions they are far more comfortable than a faster yacht and also tend to sit better at anchor.

Some people prefer yachts that are capable of continuous speeds in excess of 20 knots. This has the benefit of getting you from port to port as fast as possible. However, if the weather is not ideal, long distance cruising can be a little uncomfortable and certainly the choice of anchorages has to be more carefully considered.